Saturday, July 18, 2009

watching wall-e

ola guyyys...

after watching about wall-e,that kind a inspire me,i mean we really have to save the earth!!! we need to do that before it's too late.. maybe it's not really fun but if u take it with happy feelings u can make it great!!! so,let's save the earth....

Friday, July 17, 2009

new class

ola PEOPLE...

i wanna share my story about new class..Yup! The school had started!! and i think new class is kind a baad..well not really but i miss my old i sit with Erza,she's one of my old friend and we're connected! We laugh a lot!! and we're kind a annoy each other! mostly i annoy people...but i can still meet my old friends at recces but it's make me tired if i have to go to the third floor (second grade divide into 3 floor! 8-1 and 8-2 in 1 st floor,8-3 and 8-4 in 2 nd floor and the rest is on 3 rd floor!)!! but i gotta make this brand new year into a happy year!!hope you anoy your brand new year...

lots of love and hugs,


who's hotter???

heyyy guyyyss..

i just want to ask you who's hotter??? cuz i neeed your opinion... cuz like some celeb but i think i need to choose one of them to be the best of all time super fave hottie..


Thursday, July 9, 2009


my 2009 school's vacation spot is Malaysia!
and it was really wonderfull there! it's a cleen and easy going has MRT and Monorail that's make you easier to go to from a place to another place and the tickets is really cheap... it's been a wonderfull holiday that every girl's want!

bestest wish for u,,

new girl!

people hey,i'm the new girl here and i hope you guys will open,see and read my blog!i just hope you guys enjoy!